Tutoriel Fabriquer des Éléments Meubles de cuisine aménagée sur mesure – Bricolage facile – ép. 1


Hi everyone Today i begin a video serie on my kitchen renovation. In this first video i show you how i have built the cabinet with chipboard. I’ll, explain you what is chipboard And why i don’t use plywood.

I show you the tools i use Have a nice video At the beginning, i draw my new kitchen with Blender And i draw also the cupboard to prepare my job MELAMINE, vs PLYWOOD. What is melamine wood? It’s, wood chip compressed with a synthetic layer on the top and bottom.

What’s? Plywood many wood layer glue between them. Look at the cross layers. Plywood is stronger than melamine. It’s, just more chip stuck and compressed strongless, but cheap, stronger, but expensive, No surface traitment, so it need to be waterproofed, so the melamine is easier to use in the kitchen I choose to glue and screw the jointure to be stronger.

I choose this strongest jointure. The cupboard have foot because i don’t want water, destroy the melamine on the floor. Melamine isn’t waterproof on the edge. Let’s go. I hope you have enjoy this video.

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